Yes4All Sandbags – Heavy Duty Sandbags for Fitness, Conditioning, Crossfit – Multiple Colors & Sizes

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Sandbags with their ever-shifting sand inside can be your next best trick! By battling and stabilizing the shifting sand throughout various movements, known as dynamic resistance, you can expect to get a plethora of fitness benefits. Training with sandbags can also help increase the utilization of core muscles, strengthen torso and hips, which always help in both your daily life and athletic performance. Using sandbags can help you learn to brace and stabilize when lifting and moving odd objects, which will transfer into daily life where most things lifted are not advantageous to lifting like in gym environments. With Yes4All Sandbags, choosing the perfect bag for your fitness level and training goals has never been simpler. Made of 1000 Denier (1000D) Coated CORDURA Nylon Fabric, strong stitching especially X-shaped stitches at core points and zipper closure to ensure durability and performance. Further equipped with strategically placed comfortable handles, our sandbags offer greater opportunities for even more various workout moves be it Lunges, Deadlift, Squat, Burpee, Snatch, Spider, Overhead press, Hammer curl, Crossfit and many more. Material: 1000 Denier (1000D) Coated CORDURA Nylon Fabric Colors: Black, Green, Camo, RedWeight options: S – 5-25 lbs, M –25-75 lbs, L –50-125 lbs & XL –125-200 lbs, Sandbags inside for easy customization of weight: S – 1 small inner bag, M – 1 small & 1 big inner bag, L – 3 big inner bags & XL – 4 big inner bags (sand not included) WARRANTY: 1-year WARR and 30-day return (contact sellers for more information)

high quality construction: yes4all sandbags is made of 1000 denier (1000d) coated cordura nylon fabric, guaranteeing that it will last for long time even under heavy usage. the m option can hold up from 25 up to 75lbs of sand
flexible sandbags: comes in various colors and sizes, yes4all sandbags can help you incorporate a wide variety of exercises that are suitable for both beginners and intermediate users alike while fulfilling personal preferences
thoughtful and enhanced design: each sandbag is made with care and features strong stitching as well as zipper closures to ensure durability and performance. handles are strategically placed to offer opportunities for various workout moves
ultimate body training: yes4all sandbags will complement you in an effective full body training set by utilizing gravity to ensure that you can work on your core muscles at all times whether you are doing lower or upper body exercises
full product set includes: s – 1 small inner bag (5-25 lbs), m – 1 small and 1 big inner bag (25-75 lbs), l – 3 big inner bags (50-125 lbs) and xl – 4 big inner bags (125-200 lbs). sand is not included in the package
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