Yes4All Half Peanut Balance Trainer Stability Half Ball, Balance Exercise Ball Half Used as Push up Bench – Black/Orange – Include Hand Pump, X2F3



An innovative design for fitness enthusiasts
Half peanut balance trainer provides a specialized unsteady surface for making the effort to keep balance and hence increasing effectiveness of your regular workouts thanks to more calories burnt. It can be used by itself or with other fitness accessories such as resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc for a full body workout.
Exercises that can be carried on with this versatile tool are almost unlimited – from chest press, squat, step-up to standing bent over row, seated shoulder press, hip thrust, arm curl, alternating heel tap, wood chop, you name it. You can also use this balance trainer as a push up ball or a plankster core trainer device.
Useful features support your training
The half peanut balance trainer is seriously developed to bear the weight of up to 1000 LBS with practical features that will help you a lot in training.
The top surface: specialized design with an air-filled surface that offers an unstable stand, side hooks to incorporate a resistance band, non-slip textured surface preventing incidents, wide area for dual practicing
The bottom side: non-slip rubber pads limiting slide, convenient side handles to diversify exercises as well as move easily, pushup handles which can be turned to multiple angles or taken out to make a standing balance board

1-year warranty

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: the half peanut balance trainer features an unstable shape that takes your daily workout. the specific design as a peanut allows users to have more comfortable poses in a fun way since the surface is wider
VERSATILE PRODUCT: can be used as a balance trainer ball/bosu ball, aerobic step, push up assistant or exercise bench. Also, you can do exercises on this double workout half ball with another person for more motivation and productivity
NUMEROUS EXERCISES: the balance trainer itself provides a great tool for doing a wide range of exercises such as chest press, stability squat, side plank, V-sit, step-up, push-up, you name it
SPECIAL FEATURES: both the surface and the bottom side are designed to fully assist your training, so you can get huge benefit from heaps of beginner-to-advanced exercises with the peanut balance trainer ball
PRACTICE ANYWHERE: weighed at around 20 LBS with a suitable size, you can bring the product to wherever you like to do your workout. Either it’s in the house or outdoor that you prefer, you can always have this helpful buddy with you


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