bobo banana Yoga Mat, TPE Non-Slip Fitness Mat Dual Color Exercise Mat for Yoga Gymnastics, Pilates & Floor Exercises



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Are you having trouble finding the yoga mat?

Why not choose BOBO Banana?

With the BOBO Banana Yoga Mat you can do your exercises indoors more easily. The surface of the yoga mat is wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, waterproof and easy to clean. Developed for yoga like fitness or bodybuilding. Choose BOBO Banana Yoga Mat so that you or your family have the perfect figure.

High-quality materials

Made of high quality material TPE: non-toxic and odorless, therefore harmless for you.
Perfect Thickness: A 6mm high density mat can absorb shock on the joints and is great support for users of all levels, especially beginners.
Waterproof and non-slip: Thanks to the special design, the yoga mat is non-slip and non-slip, even if you sweat a lot.

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bobo banana Yoga Mat

Starting yoga brings a lifetime of benefits, from active bodies to concentration, balance and calm. It can have a positive effect on our life, work, mood.

That’s why at bobo banana, we’re bringing those benefits to the yogi’s – help everyone learn and practice yoga and exercise fully indoors. So, are you ready to learn yoga?



Materials of traditional yoga mat on the market usually are RUBBER,TPE,PVC,NBR. Rubber is very heavy and very expensive, suitable for very few people(Such as high-end yogis); Although the value of PVC and NBR is cheap, the quality is very poor, damaged and the resilience is low.

In Summary: tpe cost-effective, is the best choice for most people.

Portable and lightweight

Durable and practical

Soft texture, good anti-shock effect

Small light, after the volume with a backpack can be easily carried

Comfortable and flexible

Closed stomata, non-absorbent, waterproof and moisture better



bobo banana has nearly 20 colors for you to choose, meet all the needs of customers!
Perfect Thickness: 6 mm high density mat can absorb impact on joints and give a great support for users of any level, especially beginners
Made with high quality Material-TPE: non-toxic and Odor-less so it is harmless to you


From the result of Laboratory testing , the TPE yoga mats are produced in a sustainable manner and the used TPE products can be recycled. This is valuable to reduce environmental pollution and can do a contribution to the protection of the earth’s environment. Different from PVC material and NBR material, Bobo banana TPE yoga mat is environmentally protection material, which is non-toxic and safe, soft touch , high elasticity, and with good anti-skid effect .It is among the high-end material in yoga mat market,with high quantity & reasonable value. It must be your best choice.








Best Cushioning and Resilience

With 1/4 inch thickness and high resilience TPE material, protecting the safety of all levels of yoga enthusiasts.Made from naturally harmless tpe material. Without PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes

Waterproof and Easy to Clean

Use a cloth to wipe the mat with soapy water
Rinse with water and dry with a towel or cloth
When not in use, roll up the yoga mat with the front (the side with the logo) facing outward and the back facing inward, so that the yoga mat remains flat after being unfolded.

Double-sided Non-slip Texture

Special design make the yoga mat great grip and slip free, even if you sweat a lot
bobo banana TPE Yoga Mat compared with basic yoga mat, upgraded texture is much more anti-slip, great for yogis who care about slip resistance.
Even if you put your phone on the mat, it won’t slip off easily

🍑High Quality Materia – Made of TPE, non-slip, eco-friendly and odor-free. With vivid color, help you feel better when you are doing yoga.
🍑Lightweight & Good Elasticity – Suitable for gentle yoga exercises indoor & outdoor, uneasy to be torn or even broken off.
🍑Easy Clean – The surface of the yoga mat is hardwearing, stain resistant and easy to keep cleanBrings you clean feeling when you are doing yoga on it.
🍑Unique Design – Designed for yoga such fitness or body building exercise. Comes with 72″ x 24″ inch (with 6 mm thickness) size, this yoga mat can allow you to lie down or sit down etc when you are doing yoga practice.
🍑Satisfaction Guaranteed – 100% satisfied or fully refunded! BOBO BANANA provides a replacement or refund within the 1-Year warranty period. No reason needed, no hassle, it’s so simple!


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